Wilfried Souly


Title: Unsung

Choreographer: Wilfried G Souly

Or Concept/Direction: Wilfried G Souly

Or Collaborators: Rama Koné, Michael Nana, Charlemagne Kaboré, Koffi Afiadenigban, Yacinthe Bamogo, Librecht Baker, Theo Schmitt.

Performers: Rama Koné, Michael Nana, Charlemagne Kaboré, Koffi Afiadenigban, Yacinthe Bamogo, Librecht Baker.

Music: Theo Schmitt

Composer: Theo Schmitt

Sound Designer: Sinaa Greene

Videographer: Janet Nicholson, Edgar Kossouka

Additional credits -

Thanks to my committee. L. Popkin, K.Abraham, V. Marks, D.Chamblas for believing in Me. “You have helped me into becoming a newer version of myself. I am very grateful for your Continuous support and love”.

Thanks to my collaborators Librecht Baker, Theo Schmitt.

Merci Salia Sanou, pour le support et la suivie avec le Centre de Developpement Choregraphique “La Termitiere” de Ouagadougou.

Thanks to the entire cast, and the WACD faculty, staff (Arsenio, Ginger, Marcia, Will, Mark, Lynn, Megan, Katrina…) and students who have walked this path along with me. I wouldn’t be able to do this without your support.

Last but not least, I wanna thank my cohort, the Souly, Froot-Marks, Tarpaga, Arnold & Kouyate families, and all my past & current colleagues/collaborators.

Choreographer Bio:

Trained in traditional and contemporary dances since his youngest age, Willy is a Los Angeles multi-disciplinary artist. In 2001, He co-founded “Compagnie Tâ”, which was a finalist at the fifth Choreographic Encounters of Africa and Indian Ocean in 2003.

He has collaborated with choreographers in works such as Space I Tiempo, by Robert Battle (USA) & Gerardo Delgado (Mexico) , Mexico; Dole Danle, by Eric Mezzino and Gilles Schamber (France). In 2007, he co-choreographed/presented Arbre D’Adaptation (Best Choreography award at “Emerging Above Ground)”, “Sira Kan” at the NOW Festival, and “Dar Es Salaam”, with Baker Tarpaga Dance project. Willy has collaborated with many Los Angeles artists including Maria Gillespie, Victoria Marks, Heidi Duckler Dance and Viver Brasil. He has choreographed and produced the dance films Bayiiri (Home Town) in 2011, and “wandering” in 2020. In 2014, Willy choreographed “Saana /The Foreigner, which was presented at the REDCAT’s NOW festival, the Etnia Negria Festival in Panama, the Dialogues de Corps Festival in Ouagadougou in 2020, and the IN/OUT Dance Festival in Bobo Dioulasso in 2021. In 2016 he choreographed & presented “On Becoming”, a quest for identity at NOW Festival, “Tekre” (Evolution) and “Maam” /Me at the Los Angeles Barnsdall Theatre.

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