The UCLA Art & Global Health Center is a part of the department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at the UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture. UCLA students may take classes taught by the Center's resident and guest educators. The UCLA community and the public at large is invited to participate in events produced by the Art & Global Health Center, including performances, exhibits, workshops, lectures, and more. Our programs include AMP!/Sex Squad, Through Positive Eyes, and ongoing collaborative initiatives, including with the UCLA Prison Education Program.

Founded in 2006, the Art & Global Health Center creates arts-based public health interventions guided by principles of human rights and social justice, specializing in reinventing sexual health education, devising new methods for stigma reduction, reinforcing human empowerment, and catalyzing behavior change.

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For inquiries and additional information, please contact:

David Gere

Professor, Faculty Director at the Art & Global Health Center

Wilna Julmiste Taylor

Associate Director at the Art & Global Health Center, Lecturer