Emily Barasch

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Title: How to Continue (Together)?

Choreographer: Emily Barasch

Or Concept/Direction:

Or Collaborators:

Performers: Emily Barasch, Miya Shaffer, Sanchita Sharma

Composer: Isaac Silber

Sound Designer: Isaac Silber

Additional credits as needed- Panelists: Moriah Evans, Randy Reyes, Anh Vo

Choreographer Bio:

Emily Barasch is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist working across mediums of choreography, video, and text. She believes that the ways our physical bodies move through the world are reflections of our past encounters and rehearsals for our future encounters. Emily believes the heightened frame and ephemeral container of performance allows us to experiment with alternate ways of being in the world. She creates performances in an attempt to access alternate queer linguistic and temporal possibilities that are not able to be expressed in dominant notions of time, space, and identity. In the words of Jack Halberstam,

"...we cannot say what new structures will replace the ones we live with yet, because once we have torn shit down, we will inevitably see more and see differently and feel a new sense of wanting and being and becoming”.

Performance making for her is an attempt to rehearse these future possibilities in real time and space.