Chew On This - How to Continue (Together) ? by Emily Barasch

Chew On This - How to Continue (Together) ? by Emily Barasch

Tuesday, 1/26 at 2pm PDT
Please click the link below to join the Zoom webinar:

Performance length is roughly 30 minutes with a Q&A session to follow

How to Continue (Together)? utilizes the liminal in-between zoom space to co-create a new world together proposed by Emily Barasch made in collaboration with Miya Shaffer and Sanchita Sharma. We engage with micro movements, energetic tuning scores, and emergent text construction to collectively develop a shared language which serves as material to propose a new framework for intimacy grounded in emergence, slowness, and economies of attention. We do not know what will come next, or how we will get there, but we can allow it to radically unfold if we practice deep noticing.

If the zoom space pre-supposes a lack of or irrelevance of the tactile physical body, and intimacy as we know it is grounded in a proximity or physical experience of bodies being together, how then do we find each other in this moment? Across time and space to meet, be together, and find each other. What are the new strategies for and new configurations of “touch”? Where is the body? How do we find each other now? What are the new constellations, networks, and strategies for experiencing, sharing, and creating intimacy?

Emily Barasch is a Los Angeles based interdisciplinary artist working across mediums of choreography, video, and text. She believes that the ways our physical bodies move through the world are reflections of our past encounters and rehearsals for our future encounters. When we dance our past, present, and future selves are conjured and converge into one another. Emily is thinking through choreography as constructed ecosystems, wherein the social order is highly prescribed and everybody plays a role. These roles however can be fucked with; slippages, subversion, and refusals can occur.

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