Unmuted - Dance Senior Projects 2021

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Never odd or eveN

A reflection, in dedication to those who bring me back to myself

Performers: Madeline Nobida, Bella Stenvall

Music Composition: Jodie Reeves, Noah Mac

Videography: Caleb Knowles

Visuals: Edan Mor

Costume Design: Ivan Prince

Choreographic Assistance: Kathleen De Nicola, Bella Stenvall


Is your body your friend? Cuerpo is about binding the relationship between our external and internal body through a lens of the known and unknown. This piece was created from exhaustion of expectation for Latinx women to have a certain figure, which has conditioned women to negatively compare and judge bodies that do not fit with this model, including their own. Cuerpo collects the stories of three Latinx’ women journey of releasing this comparison and judgement within themselves through spoken word and movement.

Performers: Mia Berber, Natalie Bernal, Milagritos Godina

Music: Kiarah Davis

Collaborators: Christopher Martinez, Madeline Nobida, Makela Yepez

To Be : Ballet

An imagined documentation of how the lifelong integration of ballet effects one’s practice and/or identity.

Performers: Lindsay Backer, Gurmukhi Bevli, Kathleen Bostleman, Courtney Renee Faggin, Lane Fricke, Maya Peterson, Cleo Taneja, and Sterling Tu

Music: Alexia Diaz

Collaborators: Alexia Diaz, Gene Viloria, Lindsay Backer, Gurmukhi Bevli, Kathleen Bostleman, Courtney Renee Faggin, Lane Fricke, Maya Peterson, Cleo Taneja, and Sterling Tu

A Duet With :

What is the unspoken bond that holds things and people together? How do we explain the continuation of connection beyond what we can see? This piece explores the residual relationship between physical beings across time and space by challenging the mind to give into illusion.

Performers: Claudia Borton, Sarah Borton

Music: Owen Braithwaite, Claudia Borton, Sarah Borton

Collaborators: Madeline Nobida - Film


A journal entry in movement form. Because no other moment in my life will feel the same as this one, I will catch the essence of my yesterday and today so I can move forward in my tomorrow. As I am pushed towards a future of narrower possibilities, can I widen my mindset?

Performers: Julia Cheng

Music: Liebestraum by Franz Liszt

Collaborators: David Chen - videographer, Matthew Cheng - pianist

Yours and Mine

To what extent do we have control over our own bodies? Where do we lose control, gain control, give control? How does our relation to space affect our bodily autonomy?

Performers: Katelyn Olsen, Alexis Iritani, Hannah Ferguson, Alec Serrano Deneken

Music: Hannah Ferguson

Collaborators: Sam Tang - drone videography, Anya Behktel - production assistant

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