Pia Gilbert

Pia Gilbert, one of a small handful of educators who created the dance department at UCLA, passed away at her home on May 14, 2018. Born on June 1, 1921 in Kippenheim, Germany, Pia was "addicted" to music at an early age, an addiction that remained with her throughout her long life. Emigrating to New York together with her family in 1937, Pia eventually settled in Los Angeles where she taught music for dance at UCLA. As an emigre in Los Angeles in the 1950's, Pia formed lasting, close friendships with many of her fellow European emigres, writers and musicians, among them Igor Stravinsky, and the Arnold Schoenberg family, whom she called "my extended family". Pia also had profound friendships with John Cage and Merce Cunningham, as well as Virgil Thompson, Elliott Carter and Ned Rorem.

Pia will be greatly missed by her loving family, her daughter, Vivian, brother, Hans and his wife, Barbara as well as their children, Rebecca, Jonathan, and Sarah. Funeral services will be private.