Book Talk

Choreographing in Color and Filipinos in Hip-Hop

Book Talk

Organized by Dr. Tria Blu Wakpa and sponsored by UCLA's Asian American Studies and World Arts & Cultures/Dance Departments

Choreographing in Color investigates the development of Filipino popular dance and performance since the late 20th century. Drawing from nearly two decades of ethnography, choreographic analysis, and community engagement with artists, choreographers, and organizers, Perillo shifts attention away from the predominant Philippine neoliberal and U.S. imperialist emphasis on Filipinos as superb mimics, heroic migrants, model minorities, subservient wives, and natural dancers and instead asks: what does it mean for Filipinos to navigate the violent forces of empire and neoliberalism with street dance and Hip-Hop? Join the conversation with Dr. J. Lorenzo Perillo, a WAC/D alumnus and the author of Choreographing in Color, and Chelo A., one of the featured artists in the book.


Dr. Perillo is currently Assistant Professor at University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa in the Department of Theatre and Dance. His intersectional and interdisciplinary research is featured in Amerasia Journal, Theatre Journal, International Journal of Asia-Pacific Studies, and Hip-hop(e): The Cultural Practice and Critical Pedagogy of International Hip-Hop. Learn more about his book, teaching, and community engagements here:

Chelo A. is a MILF (magnetic, intelligent, and loving Filipina). She is known as a singer, writer, entrepreneur, and dancer. She has also been a host, designer, and actress. These days, she is focused on her business ( and family life.


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