Senior Dance Projects: Unmuted

  • Thursday, May 6, 2021
    6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

See the show here -

The WAC/D dance capstone class of 2021 is proud to present Senior Dance Projects: Unmuted. Their work will go live on May 6th at 6 pm PST. Following the live streamed performance, viewers are welcome to join a Zoom reception to discuss the works presented and celebrate with the choreographers. The show consists of six original works by Natalie Bernal, Claudia Borton, Julia Cheng, Hannah Ferguson, Yingru Huang, and Madeline Nobida.

This twenty week course, led by Lionel Popkin, Wilfried Souly, and Emily Barasch, gives senior dance majors a hands-on opportunity to apply the choreographic skills gained over their time at UCLA. The class acts as a chance for students to learn what goes into producing a show, focusing on elements such as marketing, production, and funding, as well as the creative process itself. Throughout the class, each choreographer presents multiple drafts of her work that is then discussed and critiqued as a group. This in-depth feedback process allows for each piece to receive ample revision and exploration before the final show.

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